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Moving Forward

Buffalo Renaissance Foundation

Moving Buffalo Forward

Since 1981, the Buffalo Renaissance Foundation has had only one direction in mind for Western New York. Comprised of a group of local business leaders who value Buffalo as the ideal place to live, work and raise a family, our mission is to help the community move forward for generations to come.

Positive Thinking and Positive Change

Through our active support of educational, cultural and benevolent organizations and activities, the Buffalo Renaissance Foundation has been planting the seeds of positive thinking and positive change for decades. Unlike other community organizations, our influence doesn’t end with charitable giving. We aim to clear one of the biggest hurdles of social change – engaging the community.

Our community is moving in the right direction, and our foundation is here to enable continued progress. By fostering positive change, the Buffalo Renaissance Foundation is thinking, acting and driving our community forward.

Let's Make Buffalo Better.

Help drive our community forward.

We have a long track record of wide-reaching effects.