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For 32 years the Buffalo Renaissance Foundation and its directors have been driven by a passion to move our community forward.

We have an exciting 2013 already underway as evidenced by our successful Spring Luncheon at the Statler City Ballroom where we recognized the philanthropy of attorney James M. Wadsworth of Hodgson Russ honoring him as our Man of the Year.

We’ve started the ball rolling on our second Sculptural Art Initiative, which was announced at the Luncheon to be a life-sized statue of Theodore Roosevelt to be placed at the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site on Delaware Avenue.

Our 6th annual Veterans Luncheon, an event that continues to grow and support our local Veteran community will be held once again in November and will honor our third Scholarship recipient.

We continue to support local charities through our annual grant program. Our grant program guidelines and application process make it seamless for our potential benefactors to navigate. During 2012, we gave out another record amount of charitable dollars for our foundation from our grant program and other sources within the BRF.

Every dollar raised in our fund-raising events goes 100% to charity or is put into our endowment for future charitable giving. Our director dues fund 100% of our administrative costs and director expenses, so every dollar raised ends up in the hands of charities or organizations that meet our mission.

Thank you for your support in the past and into the future, hopefully you will find our work inspirational, interesting and fun, as well as something you will continue to be a part of. Together, we can continue to move Buffalo, forward.